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This plugin originally started out as a SRMM plugin with tabs. This meant that multiple chats could be held in a container and they could be switched between using tabs. Since then tabSRMM has evolved quite alot and offers a whole host of different options. Some of the features are:

  • Event notifications:
    • Popups (e.g. Popup Plus Plugin)
    • Balloon tooltips
    • Ability to flash windows/tray icons when events occur
  • Containers & tabs:
    • Multiple tabs for every container
    • Single window mode
    • Multiple containers
    • Avatars (you need LoadAvatars Plugin)
    • Toolbar with different buttons
    • Windows visual styles support
    • Info panel with information about the person you're talking to
    • Ability to assign contacts to containers
    • Ability to automatically create windows when events occur
  • Messaging:
    • Unicode support
    • RTL support
    • Smileys (using SmileyAdd or IEView)
    • Math formatting (using MathModule)
    • Send messages on Enter Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Enter
    • Minimize on send
    • Ability to format message log with templates
      • Because it uses a template system with variables you can customize your message log to anything you want
    • Message grouping
    • IEView support
    • Text formatting:
      • BBCodes
      • Simple tags
  • Optional tray icon and/or floater window with different options:
    • Favourite contacts
    • Recent sessions
    • Disable all event notifications
    • Stop windows from being automatically created
    • Hide all containers
    • Don't play sounds
    • Be super quiet
  • External plugins:
    • Mathmodule support
    • IEView support


How do I set this plugin up?

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