When downloading and installing Miranda-IM, some protocolls and plugins come as standard to have you instantly up and going.

One very good thing about Miranda, is that it does not really install to your PC. Rather, it is copied to a location of your choice, allowing you to have it on a USB MemoryStick or even a floppy disk to easily use it on several computers.

The installer creates a folder for itself where it creates the executable, the database-file, and a sub-folder for the standard (and future) plugins. (Folders are bolded to enhance ease of reading.)

your databasefile (.dat) will also be stored here
AIM.dll With support for AOL-users
chat.dll This is a service plugin and provides a group chat interface
clist_classic.dll As of version 0.4.x, the clist have been "outsourced" into a separate plugin
GG.dll With support for AOL-users
ICQ.dll With support for ICQ-users
IRC.dll With support for IRC-users
jabber.dll With support for Jabber-users
msn.dll With support for MSN-users
SRMM.dll This is a basic SRMM-plugin that provides the chat window
Yahoo.dll With support for Yahoo!-IM users

You will now be ready to customise Miranda with plugins, sounds, icons and more by going to the Miranda Downloads section.

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