The chat interface surely is the most important part of a chat program.

There are several solutions, based on two central plugin architectures; SRMM (Send and Recieve Messaging Module) and nConvers.


nConvers represents a "conversation-style" type of messaging. nConvers recently came with an updated version, nConvers++, by donatas.


SRMM is the standard messaging module supplied with Miranda. It is simple, and straight-forward, and although lacks some features, is perfect for out-of-the-box use.


tabSRMM is based on SRMM, but adds tabs, and (now) a whole host of new features. Probably recommended for new users who wish to add more features to SRMM.


Scriver is a SRMM clone with added support for IEView. It also has the ability to use tabs.

Other related pluginsEdit

  • SmileyAdd (for the SRMM-type), replaces smileys ':)' with graphical pictures.
  • IEView adds the ability to change the message log appearence using CSS/HTML and provides animated smileys.
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