Out of the box, Miranda is a pretty plain instant messaging client. It doesn't have to be like that if you don't like it though. There are hundreds of plugins available, and hundreds more backgrounds, icons and sounds to add to Miranda. All are available for download from the File Listing.

The most commonly installed useful plugins are listed here.

  • tabSRMM Plugin
    Allows conversations to be in one window, using tabs, as opposed to one window per contact.
  • History Plus Plus Plugin
    History++ allows for easier navigation of the logged history of your contacts. It includes search, password protection, and saving as a text, xml, or HTML file.
  • Last Seen Plugin
    A thoroughly recommended plugin that keeps logs of your contacts' statuses. It can also pop up a dialog box to alert you when a specific user changes status.
  • Weather Plugin
    Its usefulness is arguable, but it is popular. This plugin can retrieve the weather for a given location, and show it in your contact list, system tray, or as a popup.
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