Miranda is based around the concept of plugins. They are the key part of what seperates Miranda from other ordinary instant messengers.

What is a plugin?Edit

A plugin is a small file (.DLL file) that adds to the Miranda program. There are plugins to add EVERY feature you could ever want! If you don't believe us, check out the File Listing.

Who writes these plugins?Edit

Anyone can write plugins, this is both a good thing, and (potentially) a bad one (for security). Security is not an issue, as long as you obey some simple rules when obtaining and installing plugins:

  • Make sure you only download plugins from sources that you trust (the File Listing), and never from third-party sites.

If you are not sure, think about where the link is. Do not trust links to third-party sites on this wiki for example, because it is publicly editable. The only place you can trust is the website, and, on the forum, members with high (250+) post counts.

How do I install a plugin after it is downloaded?Edit

Follow the instructions here: Installing Plugins

Can I write a plugin?Edit

By all means, yes! You need the necessary development software on your PC (if you can program, then you probably already have it). If you are new to programming, you could always try the MSP Plugin (also known as mBot). This allows you to extend Miranda through a PHP scripting language.

Recommended plugins for Miranda newbies Edit

See also the Popular Plugins article for more plugins that are frequently used.

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