Hi there! If you want to help us out by adding a plugin page, you've come to the right place.

Where should it go?Edit

The convention we are using to name plugin pages is as follows:

The plugin's name, followed by 'Plugin'. '+' symbols (as in 'clist_nicer+') should be replaced by the word 'Plus'.

Some examples:

becomes 'MSN Plugin'
'Clist_nicer Plus Plugin'
'Variables Plugin'

If the plugin's name contains multiple words, such as in 'AdvancedAutoAway Plugin', each word should be seperated by a space. As in 'Advanced Auto Away Plugin', 'Smiley Add Plugin' etc.

Plugins CategoryEdit

All plugin pages should have the following as their first line:

This will allow the page to automatically appear in this list.

Content of the PageEdit

On the page you should include details of:

  • What the plugin does
  • Where it is available
  • The current version (and date if possible)
  • The author
  • Any other details; requirements etc.
  • A help/FAQ section, or a link to a help page (on the wiki or not)

rawprawns has set up a great template to make a standard look for plugin pages. See here: Template Plugin. Simply choose 'Edit', and then Copy/Paste the code into a new page. You can then easily edit details.

Good luck! -MattJ

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