Using Miranda with multiple users on one computerEdit

Miranda stores all settings and history, and contact list in one file, often called the database. This database is stored in the Miranda program directory by default, and is therefore used whichever user account you use to log on to Windows.

An alternative is to tell Miranda to give each user their own database, by putting the file in the user's directory, rather than the central program directory. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up Windows Explorer ('Windows Key'+'E')
  2. Navigate to 'Program Files' and then to the 'Miranda IM' directory.
  3. Open "mirandaboot.ini". It is a text file, and should open in Notepad.
  4. Find the line that says "ProfileDir=."
    The full stop indicates the current folder. You can replace this with "%APPDATA%\Miranda IM" - %APPDATA% is replaced by your special user preferences directory in Windows.
  5. Save the file, and exit Notepad.
  6. Restart Miranda.
    Note: Before you do this, you may want to copy the existing database to it's new location, otherwise Miranda will just create a blank one.

Windows XP users may use the 'Run As...' shortcut to run Miranda while logged in as another user. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the way Windows XP handles %APPDATA%, and it does not correctly replace it with the correct path. To correct this, instead of '%APPDATA%', write "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data", which should usually work out correctly.

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