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Miranda IM Wiki

Welcome to Miranda's wiki. This wiki is maintained by the users of Miranda, the open-source, multi-protocol instant messenger, and hopes to be a useful source of information for 'newbies' and developers alike.

If you just want to start using Miranda IM, start here: "Help! I'm New!" for the complete beginner's guide to setting up and installing (it takes only a few minutes to set the program up).

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Featured Plugin

TabSRMM is a powerful SRMM plugin, featuring tabs as an expertise. There are loads of options to customize the conversation window.

About Miranda IM

Miranda-IM is built to be very flexible and easy to personalise using various plugins. When installed, it consists of the files miranda.exe and your database file (a .dat file), as well as your various plugins.

Among the plugins, there are some that you must have for Miranda work correctly, namely a contact list, a chat interface and the chat protocols you use: MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber, Gadu Gadu, Skype(wrapper for the Skype-API, Skype has to be running while you use this plugin) and others. IRC is also supported, making this a very powerful communications tool.

A good description of Miranda's history can be found in Wikipedia (en)

Miranda's latest release is a standard bundle that can be downloaded from Miranda's main site

If you have problems with your plugins, please refer to the official Miranda-IM forum

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