MSN seems to have more than its fair share of common problems.

The most common problem is not being able to connect to the server, and log on. Frequently this is caused by busy servers, and the problem may go of its own accord.

To see error messages generated by the MSN protocol you need a Popup Plugin. This may give some help as to what the cause might be.

Before complaining about problems, please be sure that you are using the very latest MSN Plugin, and that you have tried enabling 'MSN 7 Protocol' in the options dialog.

Won't connect
This can be caused by Internet Explorer being in 'Work Offline' mode. Turning 'Work Offline' off (in the 'File' menu of IE) will solve this.
Incorrect Username or Password
Sometimes the server gives this error, even though the information you gave is quite correct. Usually reconnecting can cure this.
Message Send Timed Out
Another very common problem, which some people seem to experience more than others. I don't think a full conclusion has ever been reached about some people's case of this problem. It is often reported that although this message appears, it may have actually sometimes been delivered correctly. For some users there seems no obvious solution to this problem.
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