The MSN-protocol reached version on the 2005-03-18 and can be downloaded from the Miranda File Listing


  • The Miranda 0.4 executable
  • A Popup/PopupEx plugin
  • A SRMM-module with Unicode support

The current version requires these additional plugins:

Used by the MSN protocol plugin to draw avatars
This is a service plugin and provides a group chat interface.
This plugin is only needed if you are using mToolTip and want to set a custom photo in .png-format. MSN uses BMP to store avatars locally.

Hints & TipsEdit

  • You can have multiple MSN-protocols running in Miranda simultaneously. You simply make a copy of the msn.dll, renaming it to i.e. msn2.dll (Renaming it to "Work.dll" or the like will make it hard, if not impossible, to manage your plugins folder.
  • The 0.4.x versions of this plugin needs a Miranda newer than 0.3.3. Problems? Just download and install the newest version.
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