HistoryStats sample output
Author Martin Afanasjew
Last Stable (2006-01-06)
Category History Statistics creator
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HistoryStats is a plugin that creates interesting statistics from your history. There's a wide variety of options available for customizing the output, including contact excluding, automatic "extreme contacts" ignoring (excludes contacts with only incoming/outgoing activity), customizable support for MetaContacts, user-defined chat delays and so on.

Also there are many different column types available:

  • Rank
  • Nick
  • Protocol
  • Group
  • In/out
  • Chat duration
  • Most common words
  • 'Hours of day' (24h distribution chart)
  • 'Days of week' (Weekday's distribution)
  • Amountal ratio timeline
  • Percental ratio timeline
  • Files

The plugin writes the created statistics into a .html -file in pure html, so they can be viewed in any web browser. However, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer for viewing, since Firefox, Opera etc. may have trouble presenting them.

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