Anyone can edit the content of a wiki. This leads to a wonderful community, but to ensure that they get along together, here is a set of guidelines that should be followed.

Structure of the wikiEdit

The wiki is aimed at users, potential users, and developers.

The three main types of page on this wiki. Plugin pages, tutorials, and FAQ answers.

There will be an Alphabetical List of Plugins, which will list all the plugins, and link to their corresponding pages.

More details on creating a page for a plugin can be found here.

If you wish to add an FAQ, go ahead. Create a new page, and link to it from the FAQ page.
If you would rather discuss the idea you have first, please do so on the FAQ Talk page.

Guidelines for writing tutorials are here.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you read the Wikia:Help:Tutorial, especially if this is your first time editing a wiki.

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