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How to use crashrpt PluginEdit

====Download==== Download crashrpt and place it into your miranda plugins folder. crashrpt plugin can be dowloaded here. You will need to unzip the archive. Once crashrpt.dll is in the \plugins folder you will need to restart Miranda if it is running.

====How to use==== It should create a miranda32.crash file in the main Miranda directory (same as your miranda32.exe) once a crash has occurred. This can be opened with a text editor.

====Posting==== To post your crashrpt on the Miranda forums, open miranda32.crash with a text editor and find the crash you are looking for by the date and time. Copy the crash text and go to your browser and paste (control+v) the text into your post using the [quote] [/quote] feature.

More info can be found in the readme.txt that comes with the file.

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