Miranda IM Wiki

How to add an IRC server to the serverlist[]

You need to have a list of IRC-servers in your plugin directory. If you dont have one, create it yourself or download a list from the Miranda plugins collection.

You should now have a file called "IRC_servers.ini" in your plugins directory. Open this file with a text editor and add your servers in the bottom of it.

All server entries look something like this:

n406=Otherside: irc.eggheads.org SERVER:irc.eggheads.org:6661-6667 GROUP:Otherside

  • The n406 is the identifier in the list. The number must be unique, so just use the number next in the row.
  • After the '=' sign, there is a name or description of the server. This is the text that will be displayed in the serverlist when you use quick connect. The text terminates at the keyword SERVER:
  • The server address is put right after the text SERVER:.
  • Put the port range after the server address. You have to include the port as a range even if there is only one port like the example above.
  • Last decide which group your new server entry should fit under. The group name is used if you run scripts after logging on to a specific network.

After you have added your server entry to the list, save the file and restart miranda. The new server(s) should now be available from the IRC quick connect dialog.